Otherkin 101

Otherkin is an identity.

Individuals who are otherkin identify as a species they were not born as.

They can still identify as human alongside their other species, but not all do.

Species identities are called kintypes.
eg: someone who identifies as a cat, has a cat kintype.

Fictionkin is an identity.

Individuals who are fictionkin identify as a fictional species or character they were not born as.

A fictional identity (species or specific character) is called a kintype. Some fictionkin use fictotype instead.

Otherkin is NOT

Otherkin is NOT

Roleplaying can be very helpful to ease one's species dysphoria, or to gain species euphoria!

However, roleplaying is the process of taking on a role temporarily in order to act out or write scenes. An otherkin identity is a constant aspect of one's person.

Otherkin is NOT

Otherkin do not choose their kintypes.

Individuals whose kintype have done questionable things in their source material, or are a stigmatized animal, do not automatically condone or want to repeat these actions.

An individual's personality and moral code is not determined by their kintype's. There may be similarities at times, but a kintype is one part of what makes an individual who they are.

> An umbrella term for all individuals who experience humanity in an "alternate" way. Also means "an alternative to humanity".
> Furries, Multiples, and neurodivergent individuals can fall under this term, though not everyone who meets the definition uses it.

Feral animal-specific version of Otherkin. Therians have their own history, but individuals of both communities share similar experiences.

A term that became misunderstood, and developed through a series of events by individuals from outside the otherkin community. Originally it was used as a derogatory word toward otherkin, and has since been taken entirely out of context and claimed by "stans" and roleplayers.

> The sudden oncoming of mental, phantom, or other awareness of one's kintype.
> Originates from the otherkin community's history on the website alt.horror.werewolves, where "kintypes" were "weresides".
> eg: Sudden feeling of supernumerary limbs such as phantom wings or tails; or becoming more animal-like (nonverbal communication, wanting to run or dig, etc.)

Species Dysphoria/Euphoria:
> The upset or unease of one's physical body not matching their species identity.
eg: not having paws, not being able to run on 4 legs, etc.
> The happiness or joy at being treated as or acting like their species identity.
eg: being pet, perching up high, etc.